August 15th, 2022

i miss you so much that it hurts.

i don't really know what to write, i just want to write, and i just want to talk to you without talking to you.

my day was real slow today. time feels so much slower when you can see your whole life in front of you but just out of reach. i want now now now, but i can only hurry up and wait.

the moon is fading and giving me control back of my body. nothing makes you feel smaller than the moon having control over your actions, and then also realizing water is the most powerful source on earth and even It is controlled by the moon as well.

i had fun at the theater with you the other night. it was a story about a girl who's whole family and town died except for her, and the ghosts they hired to perform were so beautiful as they danced down the aisles and filled the stage like a kaleidoscope. you leaned into me for warmth, since the spirits always create such a chill when they fill a room. i loved watching your eyes light up throughout the show. i want to take you to a performance every night. i want to always make you happy and make excuses to hold you.


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